The Firefly

Companion's Guild

  Building community and heart into the Firefly 'verse'

The Firefly Companion's Guild  

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Training as a Companion

Our group provides training in the mechanics of Second Life, RP, many creative activities, and general orientation and community.

One aim of this is to create good, sensual roleplay in the FF 'verse, another is to allow you to broaden any horizons you have not yet broadened in SL.

We aim to increase pleasure and awareness on both sides of the relationship, just as Inara did in the Firefly series.


The Companion's Guild offers a complete training curriculum covering the mechanics of Second Life, the arts of conversation and roleplaying, and interpersonal relationship skills. Companion training enhances the experience of Second Life and is equally useful in real life. Training is offered free of charge and without obligation.


The Companion's Guild is an extended polyamorous family that first ensures its own members know that they are loved and valued, so that they may offer pleasure and affirmation to their clients. To all its members, the Guild is their warm and welcoming home.



Why train as a Companion?
Firstly, to join a group of polyamorous people who enjoy caring for and setting aside time for others in SL. The virtual world is a scatty place and for some it is hard to find somewhere they can call home. We wish the Guild to be a cosy and supportive home, like a lush planet people would wish to touch down on - for our clients and our students. Moreover people who love need loving, so we encourage being there for each other.
Secondly, to learn about SL or to pick up a skill we haven't explored yet. Our students vary in experience and abilities. Companions network throughout the 'verse, so to prepare for that we pool our abilities and awareness's during training.

What will training be like?
The emphasis in training varies as we progress through the grades of Peacock, Flamingo/Hummingbird and Phoenix.
To begin with as we settle into the Guild we have no grade - our group tag will show as 'Companion Acolyte'. Progression through the grades depends on attendance, participation in events and enthusiasm and is decided by the Priestesses of the Guild. There is no restriction in the time training can take so you can fit it in around your other SL schedules as a extra thread to your SL experience. In our experience training tends to take a little over a year, during which time you can become a part of our community.


Some things we study; Making Clothes, Building, Dance, Conversation, Sailing, Books, Games, Roleplay, First Aid, Meditation.....



The different grades/tags assigned to people in the Guild highlight the roles they perform within the community. Grading Days happen at the end of every term and promotions are given according to attendance and participation. The minimum requirement for progressing from one acolyte grade to the next is attendance to 5 of our classes between Grading Days.

Below is a list of roles in the Companion's Guild, along with their descriptions.

Priestess - The Priestesses help maintain the community that trains and supports each other. They assist in setting up and nurturing Older Sister/Brother - Younger Sister/Brother relations and settles new acolytes in.


Registered Companion - Companions are the representatives of the Companion's Guild by way of communicating its heart out into the 'verse. They provide encounters defined by the booking of some or all of the 4 Enjoyments and are sometimes allocated an outreach house on other sims/planets.

Phoenix Acolyte - These acolytes are on the last part of their journey towards registering as a Companion as they study privately the 4 Enjoyments, learning to understand and communicate them well.

Flamingo/Hummingbird Acolyte - These are the new teachers of the Guild, they teach traditional open classes and also bring their own style to our community by bringing new ideas approved by the High Priestess.

Peacock Acolyte - These acolytes are teacher's assistants and builders of community. They are allocated younger sisters/brothers who they help by showing them around and setting an example of making those who visit our houses feel welcome.

Companion Acolyte - These are ungraded acolytes just starting out as they learn about our community and decide how much they would like to settle in. They are new minds to the mix of our diverse community and relate their ideas and feedback to their older siblings as they progress towards their first Grading Day.



An Acolyte can take part in as much or as little of the training as they like and should not feel obligated to Register or indeed act as a Companion.



How much does it cost?
Training costs nothing, and charging for Companion encounters is normally done within Roleplay, but as a non-profit organization we value actual donations in Linden dollars to help support the costs of our land.  Please, when feeling inspired, feel free to match your donation to your ability to pay! You will find a tip jar at every house, somewhere not far from the entrance.


How to enrol as a Companion Acolyte
Fill in the application form in the "Training as a Companion" notecard and send it in world to Varahi Lusch. One we have received it we will start the ball rolling and welcome you into our loving community :).