The Firefly

Companion's Guild

  Building community and heart into the Firefly 'verse'

The Firefly Companion's Guild  

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Thank you for becoming part of the Companion's Guild family. We are here to support each other and provide a place of refuge in SL. Please feel free to come and go as much as you please.. your grading will be marked according to your attendance to our classes and events.. but really there is no hurry. If you have any ideas, comments or a wish for deeper guidance at any time please speak to your Older Sister or Brother.


-Everybody's different.

-Be welcoming and patient to visitors and people who are learning about us.

-No Guns and only pre-arranged metered combat.

-The Companion's Guild is run by women and works on feminist principles. We believe all to be beautiful and strong in themselves.

-The Companion's Guild is not meant as anyone's 'everything' in Second Life, everyone is free to have alts or other social lives alongside. That said, when attending our events or wearing our group tag please try to represent our Guild fairly.

-Acolytes do not roleplay as Companions in this group at any time during their training as this would be confusing.

-Respect and network with your elders.

-Please speak with your elders about any large changes in roleplay or your emotional life that affect your participation in the Guild, esp any concerns or worries that come up.

-Acolytes should feel free to roleplay permanent residence at their allocated Companion House if they wish, further roleplay on other sims is not required.

-Report any of your problems that do come up straight to your older brothers and sisters. Those in teaching grades or higher will decide if the Priestesses should become involved.

-Feel free to quiz your elder sisters and brothers, they can give you  advice and clarification and you can draw on their experience
-Be committed to developing awareness, mindfulness and relaxation.

-Do not 'tell tales' on your brothers and sisters. What is important here is your own progress not the progress of others. This is also a polyamorous community where people are allowed to handle the style of their relationships with a certain amount of privacy, without comment.

-A true Companion teaches with every step, all eyes upon her or him, as we train and follow the path of acolyte and companion we should remember this and try to practice it.

-All acolytes and Companions are requested to put the Companion's Guild in the picks section of their profile by copying the text from the High Priestess' profile.

- Make a point of reading the books in the library of your allocated Companion House when you have free time.

- Have fun!

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