The Firefly

Companion's Guild

  Building community and heart into the Firefly 'verse'

The Firefly Companion's Guild  

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The Companion's Guild operates throughout many worlds, not just the 'Verse of the Union of Allied Planets.

Currently, the established Companion Houses are:


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Bai Long

A restricted house situated on the sims that make up the Gianfar Peaks of the dragon riders of Pern.

We hold open Guild classes, bath nights and open houses, but should you want to RP

you must apply to the sim management. We will be happy to help you with that process!

Contact: Sorana (Companion An Shen)


Chafang is a quiet meditation place and lounge beside the lapping ocean of Paquin,

a short boat ride or even swim across the bay from Spirit Bath House.

Contact: Flynt Firebrand (Companion Da Ci)

Dakini Land

The Guild's original home on the exotic island of Dakini Land has been returned to nature and is now restricted to wildlife only.


Contact: Demonique Firehawk (Companion Xin Jing)

Hu Hu

Located on the world of the Hospes Lategum, symbiotes of humans or animals with an intelligent latex-like hive organism.

Contact: Briannainchains (Flamingo Acolyte)

Lan Lian

A speakeasy in the relaxed part of town.

Contact: nerthuschild (Companion Hai Wan)

 Lotus Dragon

In the dirt and dust and noise of the mining plant of Dragon's Egg, there's a small house of calm and quiet on the corner of the main square of the town,

restful and serene. Be welcome and come to take your ease!

Contact: Hilary Querrien (Companion Zai Yi)

Man Yue

A Western style salon in the rural town of MoonShel.

Contact: Tyer Anbinder (Companion Cha Qi)

Ming Wu

The Boai Honglian Companion's Guild's dance and performance troupes train here.

Contact: bit0honey (Companion Si Liang)

Spirit Bath

 Located on Paquin, Spirit Bath is open to all visitors, clothing-optional and inhabited by gentle Japanese nature spirits, as seen in the Studio Ghibli movies.

Contact: Beeflin Grut (Companion Mei Shi Er)


Hosted at the lovely Refuge for Peace project, Xiaojie is the source of the poetically stimulating Incense mixed by our Companions & acolytes between classes.

Contact: FionaFei (Companion Yi Li)


Installed on a space station deep in the Black, Zunjing is a collaboration with the Firestorm Viewer programming and help community -

featuring a lounge and public bath (no nudity).

Contact: Flynt Firebrand (Companion Da Ci)