The Firefly

Companion's Guild

  Building community and heart into the Firefly 'verse'

The Firefly Companion's Guild  

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The Companion's Guild operates throughout many worlds, not just the 'Verse of the Union of Allied Planets.

Currently, the established Companion Houses are:


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Byodo House is associated with a great airport.

The Companion's Guild's Four Enjoyments are reflected in its grounds of the Four Seasons.

Contact: Gijsjan Broek


Chafang is a quiet meditation place and lounge beside the lapping ocean of Paquin,

a short boat ride or even swim across the bay from Spirit Bath House.

Contact: Sangreal Arnica

Fushi (Floating World)

Hosted at the floating sci-fi city in the sky of Paquin by our Martian Companion, Deebs.

Contact: Deebrane String

Iqisray Khait

"Eternal Poem" is the meaning of this House's name.

The Southron University works closely with the House Companion.

Contact: Kermudgeon Baar


On planet Eisa, Nanite Systems produce their SXD robot courtesans.

We provide them with a home and training in understanding human relationships.

Contact: Tyer Anbinder

 Lotus Dragon

In the dirt and dust and noise of the mining plant of Dragon's Egg,

there's a small house of calm and quiet on the corner of the main square of the town, restful and serene.

Be welcome and come to take your ease!

Contact: Hilary Querrien

Spirit Bath House

 Located on Paquin, Spirit is open to all visitors, clothing-optional and inhabited by gentle Japanese nature spirits.

Contact: Beeflin Grut


Hosted at the lovely Refuge for Peace project,

Xiaojie is the source of our poetically stimulating Incense mixed by our Companions & acolytes between classes.

Contact: Jolene Sabetha


On a desert sci-fi planet where factions vie for resources and notoriety,

the House Companion maintains domestic happiness for the peoples of the city.

Contact: Lysana McMillan


Installed on a space station deep in the Black,

Zunjing is a collaboration with the Firestorm viewer programming and help community -

featuring a lounge and public bath (no nudity)

Contact: Flynt Firebrand