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Hiring a Companion

Why hire a Companion?
People hire SL Companions from the Guild for different reasons - some to fill out their roleplay scenarios, others for a more personal encounter. Companions are people who wish to love, care for, and get to know others in a wider context than just meeting people by accident. Once registered they await requests of appointment through the Guild which vary in the timescale and depth of involvement. Companions then pick and choose clients and activities they themselves would find enjoyable, which makes a definite contrast to the "will they/won't they" nature of a lot of chance encounters in SL.


This formal selection process creates pleasure and relaxation for both; uncertainty and doubt is removed from their meeting. The client is sure to have an appropriate, well-planned, fulfilling encounter. There is no charge to "hire" a Companion, although The companion's Guild welcomes tips.


What is a Companion Encounter like?
The appointment of a Companion is measured in both time and depth of relating. The depth of relating is referred to as the Four Enjoyments. A client books more or less of them depending how deep they would like to go.
The Four Enjoyments are Gazing, Smiling, Holding Hands and Union.

1) Gazing at the Companion - this Enjoyment is covered by the many encounters we have with the Companion before he or she is booked. If the Companion is booked for the duration of roleplay of a non-intimate nature only, this would be part of the first Enjoyment.

2) Smiling at the Companion - this Enjoyment is demonstrated through the Companion Tea Ceremony, which takes place before any more intimate encounter and is a chance for the client and the Companion to sit together and become acquainted. Please allow at least 30 minutes for this enjoyment.

3) Holding Hands with the Companion - this Enjoyment covers and includes the activities of Dance and Massage, an opportunity to bring the client and Companion together for more close conversation and enjoying the first intimacy of touch. Please allow at least 30 minutes for this enjoyment.

4) Union with the Companion - this refers to sexual union and takes place after all the other Enjoyments. The client and Companion create a space together where they can share intimately their hearts, minds and 'bodies'. Please allow at least 60 minutes for this enjoyment.



How much does it cost?
NOTHING :) People who train as Companions are people who enjoy roleplay and getting to know people.

We do value actual donations in Linden dollars to help support the costs of our training and lands. If you wish to donate we suggest L$300 an hour for the pleasure of being entertained by our trained Companions. Please feel free to match your donation to your ability to pay!



How to hire a Companion

You can find the "Hiring a Companion" statue - looking like Inara Serra from the Firefly series - at any of our Companion Houses. All the Houses have their locations linked to the Houses page on this website. Fill in the application form in the "Hiring a Companion" notecard and post it in the red British postbox next to the Inara statue.

We receive applications from people seeking intimacy, people new to SL who need a guide or assistance, people wanting to experience something fresh and new, people who enjoy the art of conversation, people who need a Companion as part of their roleplay scenario.. etc etc.. so feel free to give it a try whatever type of person you are. We have both male and female Companions, so make sure you tell us which you would prefer - and how many Enjoyments you would like during the session. If you would like to book a particular Companion this is also possible - just let us know on the form.


Please note: The Companion's Guild has a blacklist of clients who have mistreated Companions either during a hiring or at other times. Please note that any negative conduct may be reported to the High Priestess and may lead to a Guild wide ban from hiring and participation in Guild events. With that in mind, please feel free to enjoy the all the culture and love we aim to express.


Please note that trainee Companions (Acolytes) are not available for hire.



Training  to be a Companion