The Firefly

Companion's Guild

  Building community and heart into the Firefly 'verse'

The Firefly Companion's Guild  

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Just some pictures


Silent Meditation with Radclyffe


Group hug in the tea room at Crane House for Darla's Registration.

Dancing at the end of Karima Hoisan's poetry reading at Costa Rica.

Serving the High Priestess and Isis Pleides in the Temple on Nirvana Island.

Acolytes in their new colours.

Opening XinCaodi City House.

Boundaries Borders and Delineations Class with Maura

Little Yoshiwara - Meiji Period Japanese Town & Cultural Area.

More Priestesses.

Sailing the shores of Dakini.

Fire Ceremony.

Fa-Le Yan's Wo-Men Dakai Poster.

T'ai Chi Class with Gijsjan

Spinwheel City.

Words can't describe the shock of emotion that comes with seeing a well performed fan dance.

Talya serving tea to Thad, through the door, Ari mounted on one of the horses.